Environmental awareness has been on the rise in every single aspect of our lives, and interior design is no exception. Designers and homeowners alike have embraced eco-friendly options and natural materials have been prevalent in interior design in the past few years.

Besides being good for the environment, these materials are good for you and your family. Add the warm and cosy feel they provide for any interior, as well as being highly versatile to the list of benefits, it’s no wonder why natural materials are a trend that is here to stay.

The style factor

There is a reason why natural materials never really go out of fashion. They are amazing neutrals and give an instant feeling of luxury and style to any space. Wood, marble, clay, terracotta and even concrete all come in colours that will fit into virtually any scheme, and enhance it.

Interior designers are embracing environmental consciousness and green materials are popping up everywhere. Apart from the traditional, there are also many new materials available which look great and have enhanced characteristics. The best part is that natural materials look amazing whether you use just one, or decide to mix several. Because they are always on trend, they also tend to give the space a timeless elegance.

A health conscious interior option

In an age when progress doesn’t always mean well-being, we are all taking care to do what we can for our health. Our efforts are mostly focused on diet and exercise. However, the materials we surround ourselves with can also have a huge impact on our health.

Not so long ago, home building used some pretty harmful materials containing asbestos or lead. Those days are behind us, but a lot of artificial materials are still potentially dangerous for our health. Natural materials are the best and safest option in this regard and we’re not just talking about the lack of carcinogens. Research has shown that natural materials have a beneficial effect on our mental health too.

Sustainability in design

Natural materials are inherently more eco-friendly than their artificial counterparts. If you’re buying locally produced materials, or even better, repurposing reclaimed or recycled materials and pieces, you can be sure you’re doing what you can for the planet.

Reclaimed or recycled materials are also budget friendly. Oftentimes you can get amazing pieces or materials for a ridiculously low price. You just need to look in the right place, and use your imagination to figure out how to repurpose your find. In most cases you will get superior quality for a relatively low price.

Long-lasting materials

There is the reason why natural materials sometimes come at a higher price. Simply put, the quality of natural materials tends to be much better. In terms of quality, this usually translates into increased longevity. Even when, inevitably (usually after many years) they do start to show signs of wear and tear, they still look much better than artificial materials. This worn look usually translates into an interesting patina that just makes the material look more attractive instead of ragged. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should forgo proper care.

Natural materials work with any interior design style

Whatever your interior design style, there is a natural material that will look amazing when it’s incorporated:

  • If you’re aiming for a sleek, modern look, concrete and metal are ideal;
  • If you prefer rustic chic, wood and natural stone are the way to go;
  • To achieve a minimalist Zen look, consider bamboo and canvas.

Naturals are a beautiful accent too, and they are sure to breathe life into a neutral colour palette.

And finally, they are always at least a little bit unique, giving your home some character, without being overwhelming. Add some greenery, and your home will come alive.

The natural materials trend is definitely ushering in a new era in home design. It’s showing that we can be more responsible as consumers, both in regard to the planet and to our own health while enhancing our living space.

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